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GT16 Series


The GT16 Series is Mitsubishi's new flagship Graphic Operation Terminal (GOT).  Models in this range offer a comprehensive feature set in an integrated HMI hardware package. Ideal for any standalone or networked solutions, the GT16 easily delivers visualization for machine, factory and enterprise level applications. Unmatched in performance, the GT16 integrates both multimedia and HMI functionality in a single platform to rival the traditional PC. Unique to GT16 and GT15 Series are an assortment of embedded maintenance functions to improve uptime and operations. Terminals range from 15 inch down to 8.4 inch and are available in a wide range of resolutions (XGA, SVGA and VGA).
Common hardware features for the GT16 include an enhanced CPU and graphics engine, integrated communication ports (RS232/RS422/Ethernet) and power supply, front mounted dual USB ports (USB host/device), compact flash and options slots and 15MB of onboard flash memory as standard.

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