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Current Software Versions

 = Software has been tested and approved to operate with the specified operating system.
 = Software is not approved to operate with the specified operating system.
 = Software is planned to be compatible in the near future.
 Software Current
2000 XP Vista* WIN7 (32Bit) WIN7 (64Bit) WIN8 (32Bit) WIN8 (64Bit)
 ALPHA-WIN (VLS) 2.70 04/06/2012
 E Designer 7.52 05/10/2010
 FR Configurator 5.10 07/01/2013
 FX Configurator-EN 1.40 04/01/2014
 FX Configurator-FP 1.70 04/01/2014
 GT Works2  2.112S 04/01/2014
 GT Works3 1.113T 06/13/2014
 GOT Data Transfer Tool 3.06G 06/13/2014
 GX Configurator 2.11M 04/08/2014
 GX Configurator-AP 1.19V 02/28/2012
 GX Configurator-CC 1.16S 05/12/2010
 GX Configurator-DP 7.10L 04/01/2014
 GX Configurator-QP 2.35M 02/24/2012
 GX Converter 1.22Y 03/07/2012
 GX Developer 8.115V 01/22/2014
 GX Explorer2 2.07H 11/15/2007
 GX IEC Developer 7.04D 11/10/2011
 GX Log Viewer 1.18 11/10/2011
 GX Simulator 7.27D 07/28/2011
 GX Works2 1.501X 02/05/2014
 iQ Works Navigator 1.74C 02/20/2014
 LCPU Logging Configuration Tool 1.19V 11/10/2011
 MC Works 9.22 11/10/2011
 MELDOC-CNC 128K 12/01/2008
 MELFA-VISION 1.2.1 11/10/2010
 MELFA-WORKS 4.1 11/26/2013
 MR Configurator (CD includes titles Below) 9.00A 04/21/2011 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
 MR Configurator - SETUP81E D0 11/03/2003
 MR Configurator - SETUP154E E2 05/27/2004
 MR Configurator - SETUP161E F1 09/19/2004
 MR Configurator - SETUP221E C4 03/11/2010
 MR Configurator2 (MR-J3 & MR-J4 Only) 1.19V 05/20/2013
 MSIZE (MOTSZ111E) C7 12/12/2013
 MT Developer 00Q 10/13/2008
 MT Works2 1.56J 06/05/2013
 MT Works2 (MR-MQ100 Only) 1.56J 06/05/2013
 MX Component 4.00A 09/15/2012
 QD81DL96 Data Logger Tool 1.05F 11/16/2011
 MX MES Interface IT 1.12N 07/23/2013
 MX OPC Server 6.02 11/30/2012
 RT Toolbox 11/01/2006
 RT Toolbox-LT 11/01/2006
 RT Toolbox2 3.00A 11/26/2013
 RT Toolbox2-LT 2.00A 01/26/2012
 SuperMicroTM Softloader 1.10 05/01/2006
 SW-MTA-WIN 5.00 06/01/2000
 SW3RNC-GSVPROE 00N 06/01/2006
*Vista 32 bit operating system only.

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