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Extended Shutdown

Planning for an extended shutdown?

If so, make sure that your CNC equipment is ready.  Studies show that reactive maintenance programs cost, on average, 12-18% more than preventive maintenance.  Preventing failures should always be a priority, and one of the most opportune times to be proactive is prior to an extended shutdown.

Coming back from your planned shutdown to weak or dead batteries could mean lost data or machine positioning.  Non-functioning fans or dirty heat sinks mean increased control temperature and therefore an increased risk of component failure.

What needs to be done?  At a minimum, we advise checking all batteries, inspecting cooling fans and heat sinks, and performing a full memory backup. 

Our staff can help you determine which batteries & fans you have and how to check them, and can also assist you in ordering replacements.  If you need more hands-on support, we can arrange a service call where one of our factory-trained Mitsubishi Electric Automation service engineers can perform all of this work for you.  Another benefit from scheduling a standard field service call with us is that we can back up your data on our network -- where it's accessible to you, and only you, 24/7.

If you have questions on how to perform these checks, want to order replacements parts, or need an extra set of hands to get this done before your next planned shutdown, please contact us, we are here to assist you.

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